Doing business with KNH

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Our current procurement framework strengthens our commitment to achieving value for money when we make spending decisions.

Whilst the cost of the goods and services we buy is important to us, our spending power is also a tool for helping us achieve many of our other objectives and values such as; supporting social businesses, helping to provide employment for local people and local purchasing to direct resources to the local economy and local people.

Procurement Strategy

Our current Procurement Strategy has five main aims;

  • Value for Money, social value and efficiency

    We have adopted Kirklees Councils Social Value statement which encourages us to the money we have more strategically and to produce a wider benefit than would otherwise have been achieved. To win our business, you may need to think about how you can bring a wider benefit to your work. Social Value Guidance has been produced to help you.

  • Improving the tools and techniques KNH employs to manage its spending
  • Category Management approach

    We group together our purchasing activity into categories of spend. This helps us identify opportunities across the whole business to improve efficiency

  • Increase SME participation in procurement
  • Ensuring compliance with contract procedure rules
  • Encouraging good practice

Contract procedure rules

There are clear and transparent rules called Contract Procedure rules which must be followed by all members of staff who are buying on behalf of KNH or Kirklees Council. Depending on how much is being spent (total contract value) there are different rules that we must follow:

Emergency contacts
Total Contract Value What we must do Where we will advertise
Under 20,000 Check if current contract arrangements exist. Check YORtender to see if a relevant list of suppliers is available. If so run a 'QuickQuote'. Ensure records are kept to account for the decision made. Council department invites quotations from suppliers. All invitations to quote will be placed on the YORtender Website.
If the estimated value is below 20,000 and we will only evaluate based on price, this will be through 'Quickquote'.
20,000 to 100,000 We must advertise this contract on the Council's YORtender e-tendering system. Check if current contract arrangements exist. Obtain a minimum of three quotes. A more formal procedure is required. Written records are to be kept. YORtender Website
Adverts may also be placed in local press and trade journals
100,000 to EU threshold We must advertise these contracts on the Council's YORtender e-tendering system. Undertake a formal tender exercise obtaining a minimum of four quotes. Written records are to be kept. YORtender Website
Adverts may also be placed in local press and trade journals
Over EU threshold (see below) A tender exercise in accordance with EU Procurement Regulations YORtender Website Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) Adverts may also be placed in local press and trade journals

Current opportunities

  • YORtender is the procurement website for all councils within the Yorkshire and the Humber region.
  • Businesses can register for free
  • You will find information on how to trade more easily with councils
  • It gives you access to a wide variety of procurement opportunities across the region

Yortender is a key element of our approach and provides real benefits;

  • A single procurement approach across the region
  • A means to share, co-ordinate and collaborate on procurement exercises
  • E-enabled for all to work smarter and to reduce procurement lead times
  • Suppliers can register their capabilities and interests in opportunities
  • Suppliers receive e-mail alerts of opportunities
  • Immediate access to current opportunities

If you need any help or support to navigate the YORtender system, please contact us.

Current contracts

Our aim is to seek Value for Money on all works, goods and services bought by KNH or on behalf of Kirklees Council.

We continuously improve the procurement process to obtain the best value from the contracts we enter into. Part of this improvement is to try to make the process and simple and easy for suppliers to use as possible.

For this reason, we welcome the feedback of suppliers and partners and offer people who wish to bid for our business advice, guidance and support.

Our aim is to work with our current and potential suppliers, making our processes transparent and our contract management guaranteed to give us value for money.

Current contracts register