Key facts about the KNH Board

Content owner : Last updated : 05/03/11

KNH Board members are company directors and are responsible for the running of the company. They attend main board meetings and also represent the board at its committees which have delegated powers to make decisions.

How are Board members appointed?

There are three kinds of Board members: independents, council nominees and tenant representatives. When a vacancy for an independent member arises, an advert is placed in the local press and other publications as appropriate for interested parties to apply and a selection process begins. This is similar to our recruitment and selection process for staff. Council nominees are put forward by Kirklees Council.

Four of the tenant members are elected through a secret postal ballot of the tenants in their neighbourhood. The fifth tenant member is elected by KFTRA, the tenants' federation in Kirklees.

Audit Committee

The main role of the board is to ensure KNH achieves its mission of "Quality Homes and Services in successful Communities."

The role and conduct of board members is laid out in a set of ten governance policies and procedures including a code of conduct and an induction, training and development policy. New members have to demonstrate at least an entry-level standard of skills, knowledge and experience to join the board.

Board members provide strategic leadership to the company and challenge KNH on our vision for the future and the services we provide to our customers. Board members are responsible for the sound management of KNH's finances.

They ensure that KNH achieves value for money in all that it does and scrutinise the costs of any new initiatives to ensure value for money is achieved and the correct procurement process has been followed.

The Board is also responsible for the performance of the company, and the health and safety of our staff and customers. It sets the policies and operational framework for the company and gives direction on key areas for improvement. Day to day management of the company is delegated to KNH's senior management team.