Mission, vision and values

Content owner : housing@knh.org.uk Last updated : 05/03/11

Our mission

We have a mission which is: Quality Homes and Services in Successful Communities.

When we developed the mission we wanted to capture two aspects of what the work of KNH is about.

Firstly, 'Quality Homes and Services' refers to our work to deliver a decent homes programme and receive a three star excellent rating for our services.

Since we wrote the mission we have achieved these two aims, though we continue to improve our homes and the quality of our services.

Secondly, 'Successfully Communities' is about the estates and other communities that make up the neighbourhoods where we work.

We believe successful communities are underpinned by people who feel they have a real say, and that is why we champion and support tenants and residents involvement in decisions about their lives.

Successful communities also require work, respect for each other, space for play and leisure and safety. In order to meet the second part of its mission, KNH is moving well beyond a traditional housing management role and into neighbourhood management and community regeneration.

Core values

KNH is a value driven company. This means that we have a set of values, and that we use these values to think about how we behave with each other in the company and how the company interacts with tenants and other customers and with partners.

We developed our values by first discussing what we thought there should be within the board and then asked staff for their views to shape the values into what they should be.

Our core values are:


  • We care for and value our customers and staff
  • We reward loyal customers who abide by their tenancy agreements and are firm with those who do not demonstrate appropriate behaviours


  • We treat each other, our board members, customers and people in the wider community equitably and fairly
  • We deliver services equitably and fairly
  • We promote understanding and belonging and celebrate cultural diversity


  • We are prepared to delegate, take risks and accept genuine mistakes as learning opportunities
  • We encourage everyone in the company to show trust in each other
  • We trust our partners and contractors to deliver excellent services


  • We encourage innovation in the way we work and develop services
  • We seek to do the very best in all that we do
  • We expect the highest standards from our partners and suppliers


  • We communicate our intentions clearly to our staff, customers and other stakeholders