Standards you can expect from other services

Content owner : Last updated : 05/03/11

Building Services

  • All repairs appointments will be kept (a target of keeping 9 out of 10 appointments).
  • The quality of the work will be to a satisfactory standard, and finished within published timescales.

Culture and Leisure Service

All communal grounds will be maintained as follows:

  • Grassed areas will be cut 14 times between April and November, grass clippings falling onto adjoining paths will be blown back onto the grassed areas.
  • Shrub beds will be cleared of litter and weeds killed three times between May and September. Shrubs will be pruned once a year during the winter months.
  • Playgrounds will be cleared of litter and inspected every three weeks throughout the year.

Highways Service

  • All street lights will be repaired within seven working days and the target is to do this 85% of the time.
  • A decision on requests for highways work will be given within 15 working days. The work will then be finished within agreed timescales.

Environmental Waste Service

  • Black wheeled bins will be emptied once a week, as long as they are left ready for collection.
  • Green wheeled bins will be emptied once a month, as long as they are left ready for collection, and contain only the appropriate recyclable material.
  • If someone is disabled and cannot leave their own wheeled bin out, we will make special arrangements with them.
  • We will run 'clean up' campaigns on estates, through continuing work with tenants' and residents' associations.