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Benefits of the scheme

Rent to Buy is a scheme that allows people who wish to become home-owners the option to get onto the UK housing Ladder with 100% Home Ownership. The scheme will:

  • Give you the opportunity to rent a newly built home that you can buy in the first five years of being a tenant.
  • Help you build a mortgage deposit whilst you pay rent - as you pay your rent, you will also be 'saving' for a mortgage deposit. 50% of the rent you pay will count towards a discount off the final purchase price. You can accumulate up to 10% of the property value as a discount when you buy.
  • Mean that you buy the home outright: this is not a shared ownership scheme, you buy 100% of the property.
  • Let you rent the home as an "assured short-hold" tenant, which will determine your rights as well as your responsibilities.
  • Allow you to continue to rent the home, if you decide not to buy.

Before you apply

Before you submit an application form or register an interest you must meet the following criteria, and provide evidence to support your application.

Meet the eligibility criteria

Financial eligibility criteria

It is critical that the potential occupiers can afford both the rent and a mortgage in to the future.

Initial income thresholds for each property will be based on you having a household income of at least four times the annual rent due for the property. For example if the monthly rent payment due is £500 pcm, you will need a household income of at least £24,000 to be eligible for the property (£500 x 12 x 4 = £24000)

You must NOT have any outstanding debts greater than £15,000

Documents to include with application form

About the properties and agreement

These properties are owned by a company called QSH but will be let and managed by Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing. They will be let and managed differently from council properties.

Tenancy agreement

You will be an Assured Shorthold tenant. Details of the main rights and responsibilities of Assured Shorthold tenancies can be found in our document renting privately at PDFRenting Privately for QSH Alternatively you can read more at Private Renting at GOV.UK.

We understand that the make up of families can change through the years and as part of our goal of creating sustainable communities we would like your home to be fit for purpose when you move in as well as in the years to come. We have therefore not put a limit on the number of bedrooms you can have. The main thing is that you can afford it. As part of the financial assessment we will be able to discuss affordability with you. If you are interested in a two OR three bedroomed property, you may need to make two separate applications for each.

The properties will be let unfurnished. You will be responsible for providing carpets, curtains light fittings and garden finishes if applicable. When you are offered a home, you will have the opportunity to view the property and its fixtures and fittings before you make a final decision. You can use this opportunity to assess the home just to make sure that it is suitable for your individual needs.

Buying the Home

You can buy the property after one year of renting and before the fifth anniversary your tenancy. If you have not completed the sale by the 5th anniversary of moving in you will not be able to buy, but may remain in the home as a tenant and continue to pay rent.

When you buy the property you will own 100% of it and you will have no limitations or restrictions on when or to whom you sell it.

If you wish to buy your home, it must be within the first five years of your tenancy. If you decide not to buy, you can remain in the home as a tenant for up to 20 years. You are entitled to end the tenancy any time you wish to, by giving appropriate notice to KNH. The terms of your tenancy will be stated in the Assured Short-hold Tenancy Agreement you sign at the beginning of the tenancy.


As you pay your rent, you will also be “saving” for a mortgage deposit. 50% of the rent you pay will count towards a discount off the final purchase price.

You can accumulate up to 10% of the property value as a discount when you buy.If you decide not to purchase, you will not receive the discount value, it only counts towards the purchase of the home. If you decide to leave,you will forfeit any discount you have accrued. It will pass to the next tenant of the home. QSH will value the property and will let you know the valuation. This will be the price they will sell the property to you and they will let you know the discount you have accrued for a mortgage deposit through the rent you have paid.As part of your tenancy agreement for the home, there will be a 'minimum option price' noted. QSH will not sell the property for less than this amount.

Available developments

There are no development currently available

To register your interest in any future developments and join our mailing list, please email giving your name, postal and email addresses and we will let you know when the new developments become available.

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Partnership with QSH

QSH is a specialist provider of funding for social and affordable homes. QSH provides a genuine bridge between the public and private sectors.