Toys bring young and old together at Walker Street

Release Date: 18-Nov-2011
The tenants of Walker Street retirement grange in Thornhill Lees enjoyed a trip down memory lane last week, when they were visited by children from Ravenshall School to talk about how they used to play.
Enjoying a timeless game of snakes & ladders

Enjoying a timeless game of snakes & ladders

Tenants and staff raided their cupboards for old games and toys, which included a 100 year-old book of Sunday School children’s stories and a Shove Halfpenny board. They also showed the pupils how to play classic ball games such as ‘two ball.’

The students learnt that as money was very tight and toys were a luxury, some inventiveness was needed at times, such as pumping up a pig’s bladder to play football.

The tenants enjoyed sharing their childhood memories and soon had the students fascinated by their recollections. The only complaint was voiced by resident Annie Garforth who said, “I wish the children could have stayed longer!”

In return, the school has invited the tenants from Walker Street to attend their annual Christmas show.

The event was one of a number of similar activities being held in retirement granges and local schools across Kirklees. The aim of the activities is to break down barriers between the different age groups and to help grange tenants feel part of their wider communities.