New direct debit provider

Release Date: 20-May-2013
If you currently pay rent by direct debit, you will have had a letter explaining that we are changing our direct debit provider to a company called allpay.

Some of you have had some questions about this change, so we hope you find the following information useful.

Who are allpay?
allpay Limited is the UK’s leading payments specialist, handling millions of transactions a year, mostly for public services like KNH

Why the change?
In the run up to Universal Credit, we need a more flexible direct debit system than we have now. With allpay, we can offer payments on any day of the week or month.

Why are we using a third party to collect money?
We have always used a third party to collect direct debits from tenants. We are changing to allpay because they offer a better service than our current provider.

If anything goes wrong, who is responsible?
You are covered by the same direct debit guarantee as you are now. If we or the bank make a mistake, you will get a full refund. However, you are still responsible for making sure there is enough money in your account when the direct debit is due.