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Release Date: 14-Sep-2011
Over the next few months, KNH staff will be visiting tenants’ homes to find out more about our customers so we can better meet their needs.
Survey information will help KNH tailor its services to better meet your needs

Survey information will help KNH tailor its services to better meet your needs

The People First customer profiling survey aims to find out more about who our customers are, how they would like us to contact them and any special needs they may have

We have been doing the surveys for the past few months already, but as we have not been able to reach all our customers by phone, we are now going door to door to gather the information.

We have already been able to use the information collected so far to tailor our services and give help and support to those who most need it. For example, we have been able to identify those at higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and have taken steps to reduce that risk. Last winter, we were also able to contact those people whose health made them more vulnerable during the severe weather and make sure they were alright.

KNH staff will be visiting tenants’ homes between 10am and 8pm on weekdays and weekends to carry out the survey. They will be wearing identity badges and will not ask to come into your homes.

Although some of the details we ask for may be sensitive (for example about your health), we only ask for information that we need to improve our services to you or that helps us show that we are delivering services fairly. We will not ask for bank details or any other sensitive financial information.

We will treat all the information we collect with complete confidentiality.

To help ensure the process goes smoothly, staff will not be able to deal with general housing enquiries but will note any serious issues and report these to the appropriate neighbourhood office for action.

As with anyone who calls at your home please make sure that you check ID badges.

If you have any questions about the survey, please call our Support & Information Team on 01484 414886.

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