Start achieving your potential

Release Date: 10-Feb-2014
KNH Achievers is a community learning programme that helps local people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences develop self-confidence, communication and leadership skills, all in familiar local surroundings. If you want to achieve something, we can help you do it!
The courses are run by a number of partners including Northern College, Stanley’s Training Project and Options Training.

They are open to anyone who lives or works on a KNH estate who wants to take a more active role in their communities. In the process, you’ll also develop recognised and valued qualifications and skills for the job market.

It’s never too late to return to learning, so don’t worry if you are have not done any for a long time or even if you did not particularly enjoy school. Achievers is different - our expert tutors will provide any additional support you need.

You will also have the chance to go on a special confidence building programme in study skills before you take an accredited course.

Some of those who have become involved in the Achievers programme have formed a group of learning champions called Achievers Ambassadors.

One such ambassador, Allan Hinde-King, has been successfully mentoring a young adult in his local community. Allan says that Achievers is responsible for enabling his skills to grow through the courses he has taken. The young adult Allan is mentoring is now taking an NVQ in Theatre & Drama at his local college - something he wouldn’t have had the confidence to do earlier.

Our most recent courses have included Food Hygiene and First Aid and we are planning an exciting programme of courses for the rest of the year!

Courses are held across Kirklees and we pay for reasonable travel and child care or other care costs.

If there is anything you would like to learn, please contact the Achievers Co-ordinator on 01484 221722 or
your neighbourhood