A reet good do

Release Date: 23-Apr-2015
Residents from KNH’s retirement living schemes celebrated living in God’s own county this week, with a ‘reet Yorkshire do.’
Children from our ukulele orchestra had a great afternoon

Children from our ukulele orchestra had a great afternoon

Alan Walker entertaining the audience with Yorkshire dialect poetry

Alan Walker entertaining the audience with Yorkshire dialect poetry

Around 140 people from all over Kirklees took part in the event, which was organised by KNH’s older people’s service. They enjoyed a performance of Yorkshire music by Kirklees Music Service and a combined ukulele orchestra from Brooklands, Belmont Grange and Lynroyd retirement living scheme groups, as well as St Thomas School, Bradley.

Award-winning dialect speakers, Alan and Carol Walker, entertained with their Yorkshire poetry, as did six year old Olivia Hornby, who had written a poem as part of a competition held before the event.

Their performances were much appreciated by the audience, with one tenant from Syke Fold Grange in Cleckheaton saying, “We’ve really enjoyed ourselves, especially the little girl’s poetry, and Alan and Carol’s Yorkshire dialect was superb.”

According to Alan, “it’s been a grand gathering today. The crowd have been amazing and we have loved reading to them. Our highlight was hearing the Ukulele band play!.”

Olivia also had a great afternoon and wasn’t put off by the size of the audience. She said: “I’ve had a lovely time and really enjoyed reading my poem to everyone. My favourite part was getting my medal!”

In the run up to the day, tenants and the wider community had a chance to take part in several activities for an arts and crafts exhibition and competition - everything from designing hardboard clocks, baking cakes and knitting for charity.?The clock project involved around 80 tenants and residents from the area, with Elizabeth Watson from Sycamore Grange in Golcar taking first prize.

According to Karina Sykes, KNH’s older people’s activities coordinator, the aim of the event was to bring different groups together to share an enjoyable afternoon of fun, laughter and a trip down memory lane.

She said, “Everyone has had a wonderful afternoon, but there’s a serious side too. Older people often feel isolated and lonely, which can affect their health and wellbeing. Events like these play a really important role in bringing people together, helping them make new friends and making a real difference to how they feel.”

If you’d like to find out more about other activities for tenants and residents aged 55 and over, you can contact Karina on 01484 416444.