Asquith kids are playground champions

Release Date: 14-Dec-2011
Children from Asquith Fields in Batley are serious about having fun in their new play area!
serious about play at Asquith

serious about play at Asquith

They want to make sure everyone who uses it has a good time and doesn’t cause problems for anyone, so they have developed a list of ground rules for the playground.

Over 30 children from the new estate have taken part in a six-week activity programme organized by Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, Communities United Project and children’s activity specialists, Organised Chaos.

As well as getting the children to try new things, one of the main aims of the sessions was to get them thinking about how their behaviour impacts other people and to develop some basic rules for the play area.

The children’s rules include:

• Enjoy yourself
• Respect each other
• Be kind
• No bullying
• No vandalizing the equipment
• No littering
• No graffiti

KNH Community Engagement Officer, Sabrina Hussain, said: “The play area benefits all the young people on the estate, so it’s great that so many of them have agreed some basic rules that will mean they can all enjoy it. We want to make sure the actions of a few don’t stop everyone else from having fun.”

Cllr David Sheard, the cabinet member responsible for housing, said: “When people are actively involved in their community, they are more likely to take pride in their local area and look after it. I’m sure the children will do an excellent job!”

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