Smile - you're on KNH TV!

Release Date: 05-May-2009
Anyone thinking of behaving badly in parts of Batley, Huddersfield and Dewsbury should think again – they may find themselves on TV!
The new state of the art control room is receiving national recognition

The new state of the art control room is receiving national recognition

KNH unveiled their new state of the art CCTV control room last week, at an event attended by the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Julie Stewart-Turner, and representatives from the system suppliers and local tenants groups.

The new suite, which is based at Berry Brow in Huddersfield, provides full concierge and CCTV monitoring services 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is managed by a team of specially trained staff.

It includes digital recording and reviewing facilities, as well as the ability to film at night. Monitoring screens alert the operator when the camera senses movement and the images produced are of a very high quality.

For added peace of mind, all the cameras have been programmed with privacy zones so that they cannot look into residents’ windows.

As well as monitoring Berry Brow, the system replaces outdated equipment in the Batley Carr and Chinewood areas of Dewsbury and Batley, where tenant representatives Colin Burrows, Jack Gannon and Sandy Gledhill helped decide where the new cameras would be best placed.

There are plans for other cameras to be installed on other estates, particularly blocks of flats. The system also has the capacity to be extended to other public buildings where antisocial behaviour may be a concern.

KNH Chief Executive, Simon Rogers, said: “We want to make sure that our estates are places where people feel safe and secure. This new system is one more way that we can help make that happen.”

Clllr Andrew Marchington, chair of the Safer Stronger Communities Local Public Service Board, added; “CCTV plays a vital role in the fight against antisocial behaviour and crime, as well as raising public confidence and feelings of safety.

“This investment underlines the Council’s commitment to working with KNH to ensure that local people feel and are safe.”

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