Sales of mobility aids - beware!

Release Date: 09-Oct-2011
The sale of mobility scooters, rise and recline armchairs and mattresses is big business. Unfortunately, some firms use devious tactics and high pressure selling techniques to try to sell you products that you might not need at inflated prices – this is against the law.

Typically, these firms telephone you out of the blue and claim that they are conducting some sort of survey. They may even give the impression that they are from the NHS or social services.

The real reason for the call is simply to try to make an appointment for a salesman to visit your home.

You can protect yourself by following these steps;

• If you do get a phone call out of the blue, never agree to a visit. Tell the caller that you’re not interested. Keeping the salesman out of your house is the best way to protect yourself.

• If you do agree to a visit, try to have a friend or relative with you. The salesmen will appear to be friendly and genuine but remember that they are only there to sell you something - they are not really interested in your needs.

• Don’t be convinced by the discounts they offer for ordering straightaway. The dodgy firms always quote a high initial price for the goods. They do this so that they can then tempt you with a series of discounts. They want you to think that you’re getting a bargain – you are not!

• Don’t let the salesman pressurise you into signing an order straightaway. You can tell them to leave at any time. They will be breaking the law if they don’t leave when you ask them to.

The safest way to deal with your mobility needs is by speaking to a health care or social care professional.

If you have been pressurised into buying something that you didn’t want, you should report it to Consumer Direct on 0845 04 05 06. Trading Standards officers always deal with these reports as a priority.