Introductory tenancy scheme gets underway

Release Date: 02-Jun-2008
From June 2, all new council tenants in Kirklees will have to complete a trial period before they are given secure tenancies.
The introductory tenancy lasts for 12 months. During that time, new tenants will need to show that they are responsible enough to keep their council home and keep to the conditions set out in their tenancy agreements.

If tenants break any of these conditions, the council can apply to the Courts to evict them – introductory tenants can be evicted much more quickly and easily than secure tenants.

Most new tenants will not notice any difference between an introductory tenancy and a secure tenancy as it is only the small minority who do not pay rent or cause a nuisance who will be affected.

The majority of the people who live on our estates are good tenants. This policy aims to protect their rights by targeting the minority who make their lives misery.

Introductory tenants do not have the right in law to buy their Council home, take in lodgers, sublet part of their home, make improvements or exchange their home with another tenant. These rights are gained when the introductory tenancy becomes a secure one at the end of the 12 month period.