KNH can save you money!

Release Date: 01-Jul-2008
The KNH Excel discount card enables qualifying council tenants and leaseholders to save money on goods and services at more than 200 businesses across Kirklees.
KNH Excel Discount card

KNH Excel Discount card

Launched in 2007, the discount card won the prestigious ‘most innovative project’ award from the National Federation of ALMOS that year.

This year, more than 200 local shops and businesses have joined the scheme - nearly 50 more than when the card was launched last year. As well as posters and a window sticker to show people that they are involved in the scheme, business owners receive a card to use themselves too.

KNH Excel Manager, Helen O’Sullivan, said, “we are really pleased with the 2008 iscount card.”

“We are particularly encouraged by the fact that so many new businesses have joined this year.

“It’s a win-win situation for everyone and we hope everyone who has a card uses it. They’ll save money and help support local businesses, which are an essential part of our communities.”

Akhtar Kasia, from Ink 4 U in Dewsbury, was one of the first people to join the discount card scheme. Since then, he’s had nothing but praise for it:

“We’ve found the card to be very useful,” says Akhtar. “People use their cards to buy things for their families and friends, so we’re getting a lot more business.

“The card has definitely brought in more customers, which is great for us. But it’s also great for the customers who save money when they buy our products.”

Mike Oller, the owner of Carpets Direct in Huddersfield, recognised how the scheme could benefit his business, when he was approached to join in November 2006.

Mike is delighted with the scheme, saying, “when the card was launched last year, we had quite a few people in the shop using their card - not just regulars claiming a discount, but lots of new customers too. As a participant, I also get to use the card, which is a bonus.

“I am really glad to be part of the Excel discount card scheme. It’s been better than advertising for us, not just because it’s free, but also because I get more customers!

“I was more than happy to rejoin the scheme this year and have now included an additional shop in Birstall.”

The discount card is part of KNH Excel, an incentive scheme that recognises and rewards good tenants and encourages others who might have rent arrears to clear their accounts.

Anyone who is eligible for KNH Excel benefits receives the card, as well as a brochure that lists all the participating businesses.

To find out more about the card or to join the scheme, contact the KNH Excel Team.