New ways to help shape housing services

Release Date: 02-Oct-2017
People who live on council estates in Kirklees will have new ways to get involved in their communities and help shape housing services, as part of a review of tenant involvement currently underway.
Thanks to all of you who gave your views!

Thanks to all of you who gave your views!

The new model will build on the long history of tenant participation in Kirklees while bringing in more modern options that should appeal to a broader range of tenants and residents.

As well as being able to join local tenants and residents associations and working together in their local communities, people will also have the option of taking part in a variety of new face to face and online activities and events to help challenge and improve services.

Two new panels - a tenants’ panel and a service improvement and challenge panel - will be developed in the coming months that will report directly to the KNH board of directors, who will use this feedback to help monitor the housing organisation’s performance and customer satisfaction

According to Dave Harris, chair of KNH, “Kirklees has a long and proud tradition of involving tenants in decision-making, but the way we’ve been doing that hasn’t moved on for many years.

“We want to make sure that all our tenants have a way to influence what we do , and this approach is about being more innovative, flexible and using technology better, so that we can demonstrate value for money and direct resources where they’re most needed.”

Cllr Cathy Scott, lead Cabinet member for housing, said: “We have a great community spirit in Kirklees and KNH’s approach draws on that while also opening up new opportunities for people to get involved in ways that suit them.

“We want to work with our tenants and residents to help build strong and healthy communities, support them to do more for themselves and each other but also make sure they have a strong voice.”

If you’d like to register your interest, please email or call 01484 221000 extension 73304, or follow KNH Communities on Facebook
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