Abusive neighbour sent to prison

Release Date: 20-Sep-2010
A Batley man has been sent to prison for breaching an antisocial behaviour injunction.
KNH applied for the injunction against Karl Cox, aged 19, of Laurel Grove, Batley, on 10 November 2009, for repeated and sustained antisocial behaviour that included noise nuisance, racist abuse and threats to the public.

The injunction banned Cox from the area around his home. However, he ignored the order several times, most recently on 13 September 2010, when he also resisted arrest and was abusive and threatening to the police.

At a Dewsbury County Court hearing on 14 September, Cox admitted breaching the injunction and was sentenced to four months in prison for being in the exlusion zone. He will also face separate criminal proceedings for assaulting a police officer.

Paul Buckley, KNH's Director of Operations, said “Although 99% of our tenants want to just get on with their lives and be good neighbours, we do have a minority who seem determined to cause trouble.

“The judge has given Cox a considerable sentence, which I hope convinces him that we won’t tolerate his kind of behaviour on our estates. But if not, then we’ll take whatever action we can to make sure he doesn’t cause any more problems.”

Cllr Shabir Pandor, the Cabinet member responsible for housing, said: “The Wilton Estate is a very nice area of Batley. Unfortunately a very small minority are blighting this area and that is why we take antisocial behaviour very seriously and will take serious action against perpetrators who seem to take pleasure out of making life miserable for their neighbours. We will continue to work closely with our partners in housing and the police to bring these people to justice.”

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