Volunteers needed to help us measure the real life impact of welfare reform

Release Date: 01-Jul-2013
If you have been affected by benefits changes, we need your help! We're looking for volunteers to take part in a major regional study of more than 70 households across the North of England that will highlight the human impact of the government’s welfare reforms.
Seven social housing providers, including KNH, have joined forces to investigate how changes to the benefits system affect people’s health, housing, wellbeing, finances, education and employment prospects.

They hope the findings will allow them to better understand the impact on their customers of sweeping reforms – ranging from the ‘Bedroom Tax’ to changes to Jobseeker’s Allowance announced in last week’s government spending review.

The landlords – who will each work intensively with around 10 households for at least 18 months – also hope Real Life Reform will provide information to shape their own policies, influence decision-making and inform national policy-makers.

From July, frontline housing staff will interview case study households once every three months for at least 18 month to track their experiences. Researchers will use a detailed questionnaire developed along with ethical guidelines with support from The University of York’s Centre for Housing Policy.

The survey covers a range of topics to document how people’s everyday lives are being affected by the welfare changes, including debt, access to employment and training, health and wellbeing.

If you would be interested in taking part, please call 01484 223262.