Changes to payment cards

Release Date: 28-Jan-2016
f you still pay rent by cash, we're switching to a new payment system and will be issuing new payment cards to replace the existing plastic payment card.
Cash payment cards are changing

Cash payment cards are changing

You'll need to use your new card from Monday 1 February, at which point old payment cards will no longer be accepted.

You will get one card for each account that you have with us and should use the appropriate card when making payments. The new card can be used to pay via the online automated payment line, at any Post Office or Paypoint outlet, but if you have a bank account, why not set up a Direct Debit, which is the easiest way to pay.

If you haven't received your new payment card yet, please don't worry - it'll be with you very soon. If you need to make a payment before then, please call us on 01484 414886.
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