Could you be a voice for tenants nationally?

Release Date: 23-Sep-2009
The National Tenant Voice (NTV) is a new independent organisation for tenants of housing associations, housing co-ops and local authorities (including ALMOs) in England. It is being set up to give tenants a voice at national level, offering greater influence over the services tenants receive.

The NTV will enable tenants to influence national policy by engaging with the Government and other bodies (including the new social housing regulator – the Tenant Services Authority). It will be accountable to tenants, and aims to be inspirational and dynamic, reflecting the views of tenants sought through consultation and research. It will celebrate the diversity of tenants and communities.

At the heart of the NTV will be a National Tenant Council of fifty tenants that will meet to debate and discuss key housing policy issues. Twenty-four of the tenants on the National Tenant Council will be nominated by existing tenants' organisations. The remaining twenty-six will be recruited through an open recruitment process.

Hays Social Housing has been appointed by Communities and Local Government to undertake the recruitment process on their behalf. Anyone who is a tenant of social housing can apply, and the aim is to ensure the opportunity to apply is promoted to all tenants in attracting applications from as wide and diverse an audience as possible, so the Council truly reflects the diversity of social housing tenants.

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the voice of tenants heard and to influence national policies that affect social housing tenants. Consider applying to be on the new National Tenant Council – to find out more go to or call 0800 917 7396.

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