Home contents insurance – are you covered?

Release Date: 23-Nov-2011
Fire, flood or 'break-ins' can bring financial disaster if you are not properly insured. During the cold weather last year, many of our tenants lost thousands of pounds worth of belongings because of flooding caused by burst pipes.
Make sure you're covered if the worst happens

Make sure you're covered if the worst happens

Many council tenants think that KNH automatically insures their furniture, belongings and decorations against damage - this is not the case. Insuring your household belongings is YOUR responsibility.

Unfortunately, many of our customers only realise this after the damage has been done so we strongly recommend that you take out your own home contents insurance. It need not be expensive but it could save you thousands.

There are hundreds of products on the market, but KNH also runs its own, low cost, home contents insurance scheme arranged through an exclusive deal for our tenants.

The KNH policy is excellent value for money. It covers against damage caused by fire, water, theft or vandalism and will replace certain items which are up to five years old on a "new for old" basis. The policy does not require any “excess” payments from customers.

Payments can be made annually, monthly or even weekly at cash offices, post offices or by direct debit from a suitable bank account or by secure payment online.