Nuisance neighbour sent to prison

Release Date: 05-Dec-2008
A Kirklees Council tenant who threatened housing staff has been sent to prison for breaching a court order.
In May 2008, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH) took former Spen Valley Road resident, Sarkaut Marden Yasen, to court for antisocial behaviour and rent arrears. The Judge ordered Mr Yasen to adhere to his tenancy agreement, particularly the nuisance section.

However, Mr Yasen continued to breach his tenancy agreement by not paying rent and was evicted in September.

When removal men went to clear his flat in October, Mr Yasen tried to punch one of them and forced them to put everything back. KNH went straight to court for an emergency antisocial behaviour injunction, which carried power of arrest if he broke certain conditions.

However, on 24 October and 13 November Mr Yasen went to the KNH office in Ravensthorpe, where he kicked doors and threatened to kill staff.

He was arrested and at a trial held at Bradford Combined Court on 2 December, he was found guilty of breaching his injunction and sentenced to six months in prison.

The judge, whilst taking into consideration Mr Yasen's personal circumstances, said the offences were serious and that the Court had a duty to protect housing officers going about their public duty. He also expressed the Court's outrage at the defendant’s behaviour.

Paul Buckley, KNH’s Director of Neighbourhoods, said: “We welcome the judge’s tough line in this case, and the importance he attached to protecting our front line staff. That sends a very strong message that anti-social behaviour of this kind will not be tolerated and shows that it can be dealt with effectively.”

“When KNH does obtain anti-social behaviour injunctions on behalf of its partners and the residents of Kirklees, people need to know that they will be enforced and that the courts regard the breach of a court injunction as a very serious matter.”

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