Bridging the generation gap in Golcar

Release Date: 03-Jul-2015
A successful project that bridges the generation gap was celebrated yesterday, with an event to mark the end of the current scheme.
Some of the tenants & students involved in the project

Some of the tenants & students involved in the project

Team-age is a scheme that brings together students from Royds Hall Community School and residents at Sycamore Grange retirement living scheme in order to break down barriers between the two generations and help the older residents feel part of the wider community.

The students have been visiting tenants at Sycamore Grange over the past nine weeks, where they have been involved in a variety of activities – sharing memories of growing up; challenging stereotypes and myths about each other’s generations; Wii games; St Georges Day celebrations; bingo and so on, as well as talking about issues such as antisocial behaviour and fear of crime.

According to 14 year old student Elaf, “we’ve learned a lot about each other’s childhood experiences; it’s really made us think about what we have now and how things were so different back then.”

For Sycamore Grange resident Kathleen Howson, the weekly sessions have been something to look forward to each week: “I really love talking to the students and sharing experiences. I’ve learned so much about their lives and vice versa.”

Now in its third term, the project has helped forge friendships between the two groups and has helped build confidence and trust between young and old people. It will be continuing next year with a new set of students – and there’s already a waiting list of young people wanting to take part.

The celebration event was attended by over 50 people and featured a musical performance, poetry readings and participants speaking about what the project has meant for them. It ended with an awards presentation for the students.