New way to report repairs

Release Date: 25-Feb-2016
You can now report routine repairs 24/7 with our new online repairs facility.
The system lets you

• Log on using an existing Facebook or Google login, or create a new login.
• Order a new repair and book an appointment.
• Receive updates on your repair to your email or mobile.
• View your repairs history and check appointment dates.
• Make amendments to your appointments.

To register, go to

When you register for the system you will need an e-mail address and your Tenant Reference Number which is printed on most correspondence sent by KNH

Example: 123456/01; enter the first 6 digits of this number

You will only need to register once. Once you have registered and chosen a password you can log in and use the tool to report your repairs.

We’ve been testing the system for several months and have had some great feedback:

“I found the system very easy to use with the big advantage of seeing available repair slot times.”

“Very impressed, quick and easy to use.”

“Excellent new system, very simple and straightforward to use.”

The system is simple and gives you more control over when the repairs are carried out. The system is also available 24/7 so you don’t have to wait to order routine repairs. However, if your repair is an emergency, you will be advised to contact Kirklees Direct immediately.

Other ways of requesting a repair are all still available – but with almost half of you asking for a convenient way of booking online, why not register today?

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