Apply now for new affordable rent-to-buy homes in Chickenley

Release Date: 19-Sep-2017
People looking to get their feet onto the property ladder in Kirklees have the opportunity to own their own home, thanks to a pioneering £5 million investment deal.
Affordable new rent-to-buy homes are coming soon!

Affordable new rent-to-buy homes are coming soon!

Under a partnership agreement between housing funder QSH, Kirklees Council and KNH, 49 new affordable family homes are being built in Chickenley. Local company, Triton, is the construction partner.

Construction on the site, which is just off Chickenley Lane, is well underway and will provide two and three bedroom family homes across a range of house styles.

All of the properties are be available on QSH’s pioneering Rent-to-Buy model, with a number of the properties being offered at affordable rent levels.

KNH is now taking applications from people interested in living in these new homes, the first of which will be ready in August 2017.

Liz Cook, Chief Executive at KNH says: “The Chickenley development will provide much needed affordable homes for local people; it will enable people who dream of buying a home, but perhaps need support to build a deposit and credit history, to make those next steps to owning their own homes in an area in which they choose to live.”

Under the scheme, tenants will pay affordable rents and have the ability to purchase the property between the first and fifth year after they move in. Half of the tenant’s rental payments will be put towards the deposit they need to secure a mortgage to buy their home (up to a maximum of 10%), whilst those who choose not to purchase during this time can continue renting their homes for a further 15 years.

To find out more or apply, please follow the link on the right of this page, or contact KNH on 01484 416439 or