Fieldhead Dreamscheme

Release Date: 03-Nov-2008
In October, Carolyn Townsley and Pat McFarlane, EMOs in Birstall, carried out an estate inspection with five youngsters who had expressed an interest in tidying up the environment where they live, after which a 'litter pick' was agreed and arranged for the estate.
Before the litter pick

Before the litter pick

Working together to clean up the estate

Working together to clean up the estate

Two days later, Carolyn and Pat visited all the youngsters at home to discuss the litter pick and later the same day everyone involved, including 2 volunteers, met at the Community Centre to carry out the activity.

Carolyn said, “as you will see from the 'before' and 'after' photos the difference was amazing in such a short time. They were all enthusiastic to carry on and in fact want to do another one!”

Using the points earned, the youngsters have expressed an interest in going to Bumpy – a biking centre in Birstall.

The project came about as a result of a photography course which the youngsters attended over the 6 week summer holidays.

This centred on the environment where they live and they had taken photographs of the 'grot spots' on the estate and wanted to be involved in changing this. The photographs taken by the youngsters are on display at the Community Centre.

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