A better deal for disabled people

Release Date: 17-Feb-2012
KNH is urging disabled residents in Kirklees to have their say in important consultation being carrried out by the Government.
The 'Fulfilling Potential' consultation aims to find out whether or not disabled people feel that they get a fair deal in society and the sort of things that make a positive difference to their lives, from getting a job, going to college or socialising with their friends.

On 10 February, members of KNH’s disabled residents forum met to give a joint response to the consultation. The forum has around a dozen active members at present but there are hundreds of disabled people living in KNH properties.

We would like the government to hear the views of as many of our disabled residents as possible so why not give your own feedback? You can do this by following the links on the right of this page.

It you want to see a difference then make a difference by sharing your views.