How are we doing?

Release Date: 22-May-2014
We're looking at ways to improve how we share information about our performance and would like to know what our customers think.
How would you like us to tell you how we're doing?

How would you like us to tell you how we're doing?

Our yearly satisfaction surveys show that the three most important issues to tenants are

1. Repairs and maintenance
2. Quality of your home
3. Quality of your neighbourhood

We would like to know how you would like us to to tell you how we're doing in these areas - in our offices, on our website and in our publications.

Would you like us to tell you about:

a) how satisfied people are with these aspects of our service? For example, 82% of tenants are satisfied with the repairs and maintenance service,


b) how we are performing in terms of numbers of repairs, time completed, and so on. For example, the average time to complete a routine repair is 10 days.

If you have a view, please tell us which you'd find most useful - use the links on the right to get in touch.

Thank you!