Don’t let criminals disturb your peace of mind this Ramadan

Release Date: 01-Aug-2011
Ramadan Mubarak to all of Muslim customers. Our colleagues in the Police inform us that the number of burglaries of Muslim homes increases during the holy month of Ramadan.
Criminals in the area appear to realise that many Muslims spend time away from their homes at this time of year spending increased time at relative’s homes or in the local mosque.

This year don’t give these opportunists a chance to spoil your Ramadan. Take some simple steps to protect your home and your property:

- Be vigilant and keep an eye out for strangers watching your property. Speak to your local neighbourhood watch

- If you haven’t already fitted sash jammers to your doors, do so as experienced criminals can easily break into UPVC doors

- Consider upgrading your locks

- Have lights and other electrical equipment on timers

- Try not to be too predictable as to when you leave your house unattended

- If you are going abroad to take part in Umrah, make sure a relative or trusted friend is keeping an eye on your property and do not leave value items such jewellery in the house.