Grounds maintenance update - October 2013

Release Date: 01-Oct-2013
Hopefully this year’s better weather has helped improve the conditions on the estates to enable Grounds Maintenance staff to deliver a better service than last year. But time will tell, as the service is in the process of gathering evidence on what you think.
Have we got the site right? Tell us if not.

Have we got the site right? Tell us if not.

Getting the site right inspectors
Inspectors have recently been invited to complete a customer satisfaction survey to tell Grounds Maintenance what they think of the service provided. If you are an inspector and haven’t returned your form, please send it in as soon as possible. The information you provide is important and is used to complete our end of year report which is presented to the tenant committees and the KNH board.

If you are not an inspector but would like to join the scheme, please contact us and we will be happy to sign you up.

Attending Estate Inspections
Grounds Maintenance are committed to attend an annual estate inspection and although not all estates are scheduled to have one at this time, we will be coordinating our own landscape inspections. Where possible, we will ask a getting the site right inspector or a TRA representative to walk the grounds with us. This will help us to carry out a Winter work schedule that addresses any issues you may have.

Estate Landscape Assessments
Over the last 3 years, the Gold, Silver and Bronze assessments have been completed by your housing officer and they have shown how some of the estates have improved over this term. Due to workloads, the housing officers are unable to complete the assessments at this time. The assessments are an important monitoring tool and need to be done. We are planning to do the landscape assessments when we carry out the estate inspections. There will be a getting the site right inspector or TRA rep present, so there is an opportunity to raise environmental issues and seek solutions, as well as been involved in the landscape assessment. This was a request at last year’s tenant committees.

Final grass cuts
Autumn is here all of a sudden and although the weather continues to be kind to us, our seasonal grass cutters are due to end their time with us. Our final grass cuts are imminent but as the grass continues to grow, we will endeavour to cut the grass as long as possible into the winter to leave sites cut and tidy.

Contacting us
If you have any issues with our service you can contact your “Get the Site right” inspector or register your enquiry through 01484 414700 or by email -
your neighbourhood