Grounds maintenance in wet weather

Release Date: 27-Jun-2012
The prolonged wet weather this summer is causing problems with hedge and grass cutting on our estates.
All the rain we've had has resulted in greatly increased hedge growth. The annual hedge cutting programme normally takes place in July, but this is being hampered by the weather.

Grass cutting is also being affected. Staff are trying to cut the grass where possible but this is difficult as the grass is so wet and the ground so soft that it could be damaged by mowing. In those areas where the grass has been cut recently, the weather is also causing problems, as wet grass tends to clump, which results in it hanging around rather than drying out. The heavy rain we've been having is also causing cut grass to wash onto paths, where it sticks and is difficult to sweep or blow off.

Parks & Open Spaces are doing their best to minimise the problems and ask that you bear with them in these difficult conditions.
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