Rent-a-room – a real housing option

Release Date: 14-Jan-2015
Ever thought about renting out your spare room and getting some extra income?
Rent a room logo

Rent a room logo

Rent a Room is a new website for people who have a spare bedroom and want to find a Lodger. You can advertise your room and search for a lodger for free! It may be particularly helpful to you if you are affected by under-occupancy.

The website provides a toolbox of information including a lodger agreement, information on permissions and advice on how taking a lodger might affect benefits.

Renting your spare room out can provide more than just extra income. It can lead to new friendships and support networks being formed.

Whether the arrangement is purely financial or more social, the Rent a Room website will help you make those initial connections and provide all you need to make sure the arrangement starts out on a good footing.

To find out more, follow the link on the right to the Lets Help You website. If you cannot find the information you need on the website then you can also email us or call us on 01484 414886