KNH kids go back to class early

Release Date: 20-Sep-2010
The schools may have just gone back, but some children in Chickenley went back to the classroom early this year, thanks to a new programme run by KNH.

KNH Kids taking part in a session about designing the ideal community

KNH Kids taking part in a session about designing the ideal community

The first KNH Kids summer school was designed to give local youngsters something positive to do during the long break, encourage good behaviour and for them to become more aware of how their behaviour impacts their homes and communities.

Ten children took part in the pilot, which was run at the Chickenley community centre. In the morning, they had lessons about respect, community participation, healthy eating and exercise taught by representatives from KNH, Kirklees Active Leisure and the police. After a healthy lunch each day, the youngsters took part in a variety of sports and activities, organized by the Communities United Project (CUP). At the end of the week, they all enjoyed a game of 10-pin bowling.

The KNH Kids programme has already been running successfully in four Kirklees primary schools for four years, but this is the first time a summer session has been run.

Debbie Hugill, KNH Community Engagement Officer for Dewsbury, coordinated the programme and is keen to see it rolled out further next summer. She said: “projects like these are a great way for us to get to know the young people in our communities – and for them to get to know us and understand where we’re coming from. Some of them were a bit reluctant to take part at the start of the week, but we saw a real change in attitude by the end.

“The KNH mission statement is ‘quality homes and services in successful communities,’ and the KNH Kids scheme is one way we’re helping build those successful communities.”

Cllr Shabir Pandor, the cabinet member responsible for housing, said: “One of the council’s four priorities is to improve life chances for young people. This kind of scheme is helping do that by encouraging youngsters to be actively and positively involved in their communities.”

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