Welfare benefit rules are changing - are you ready?

Release Date: 08-Jan-2013
From April 2013 the government is introducing a number of benefit changes that are likely to affect your income.
Worried about welfare reform? Get in touch with us!

Worried about welfare reform? Get in touch with us!

Known as welfare reform, the changes are some of the biggest changes to the welfare system for 60 years.

The changes affect people of working age, which is anyone between the ages of 16 and pension credit age (currently 61).

Key changes include:

- an under-occupancy penalty known as the bedroom tax
- Disability Living Allowance (DLA) will become Personal Independent Payment (PIP) and all working age claimants of DLA will be reassessed
- further increases in non-dependant deductions
- a benefit cap will be introduced
- a new single benefit payment called Universal Credit
- changes to the way your rent is paid

We're currently getting in touch directly with those who are affected by the changes, so make sure you respond to any letters or requests for information that we send you.

Above all, if you're worried about how you'll be affected, contact us for help and advice by calling 01484 414886.

For more information about some of the key changes, download our fact sheets from the links on the right