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Release Date: 29-Mar-2013
Council tenants in Kirklees are happier with the services they receive than they were a year ago, according to the results of a major survey, which have just been released.
Every year, KNH surveys its customers to find out what they think about the services we provide and to identify areas where we need to improve.

This year’s survey was carried out between November 2012 and January 2013 by independent researchers. They sent out 2000 questionnaires asking people for their views on a range of housing issues, including access to services, rent, repairs, value for money and quality.

Overall satisfaction with the service went up 1% to its highest ever level – 87% - that’s a 24% increase in the 10 years since KNH was established.

Generally, satisfaction in specific areas has also gone up slightly, with only a few minor dips.

The majority of tenants are satisfied with the service they receive from KNH, in particular the quality of their home (86%) and the general condition of their property (83%). More than four fifths (85%) are satisfied overall with the repairs and maintenance service, down 1% since 2011.

The majority (82%) are also satisfied that the rent they pay represents good value for money; this is 2% less than last year but still implies that for the majority, KNH has the balance right between rent charged to tenants and the services we provide.

More than seven in ten (77%) tenants believe we are good at keeping them informed, which is the same as last year. Seven in ten (69%) tenants are satisfied that we listen to their views and acts upon them; this is up 3% since 2011 and 10% since 2010.

Also up slightly since last year is tenants’ satisfaction with their neighbourhood as a place to live – up 1% to 84%.

The area showing greatest improvement since last year is how enquiries are dealt with (up a hefty 13% to 87%)), with Huddersfield North residents particularly satisfied (91%). More than eight in ten (84%) indicated that they were satisfied the member of staff had been able to deal with their query quickly and efficiently.

As in previous years, car parking and litter / rubbish are the top areas of concern. As Council estates were designed before most people had one or more cars, it may not be possible to solve the issue of parking to everyone’s satisfaction, but KNH will continue to work closely with tenants, the council and other services to come up with solutions to the other problems highlighted.

“The survey gives us an insight into how our customers view us, what we're doing well and where we could improve,” said Simon Rogers, KNH's Chief Executive.

“I'm really pleased that our customers are generally happy with the services we provide, but I'm also aware that we've got more to do. We'll be using the results to help us decide how we further develop and improve our services.”
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