My Kirklees Account Launches

Release Date: 15-Nov-2017
We're working with the Council to change the way we do things and part of that includes the way residents can do business with us.

Introducing the My Kirklees Account
Register for a My Kirklees account today!

Register for a My Kirklees account today!

We know that life isn’t only 9 to 5, so we’ve been busy developing the My Kirklees Account which will allow residents to have access to a range of services online - 24 /7 – all in one place.

The free and convenient online account is quick and easy to use, and once signed up, you'll be able to:

Manage your rent account
Order and track repairs
Access information about housing benefit payments
View and manage your council tax account
Check bin collection dates, report missed bin collections and get updates
View your ward and councillors

Services available through My Kirklees Account will increase over time to allow you to do things such as report highways issues, book and pay for rooms, venues and sports pitches, report environmental and community safety issues and more.

The My Kirklees Account will allow you to do more online – so that you don’t need to wait in a telephone queue or make a journey to visit a customer service centre to access council services.

This will mean less pressure on customer services staff in our call centre and customer service centres, and will allow us to deliver services more cost effectively.

It’s easy to create a My Kirklees account – all you need to sign up is an e-mail, or you can use your Facebook or Google account.
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