Future options for housing services – tell us what you think

Release Date: 18-Dec-2015
The future holds many challenges. A key question is how we continue to manage and maintain Council homes in a changing world.
At the moment, council homes and estates are managed by Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH) and repairs are carried out by Building Services.

We are considering merging Building Services and KNH together into a new organisation. Homes will still be owned by the Council, but a new merged company, also owned by the Council, would be better equipped to work together to provide:

• Effective and efficient services for tenants. Your home and community are important to you so we want to make sure we’re working together in the best possible way to deliver the services that matter to you.

• A long term plan that makes sure we have appropriate, decent homes that meet the needs of the community.

• Improved value for money and the chance to develop new areas of work

• Flexibility and the chance for the new organisation to grow

We would expect a new organisation to:

• Ensure resident involvement is at the heart of the new organisation and shapes what we do and how we do things.
• Work more efficiently and effectively
• Support the Council in making a difference to the lives of people and communities in Kirklees.

We’d like to know what you think of the proposal to merge, so if you have any views, please let us know by following the link on the right

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