Work @ KNH - Our new apprentice scheme could be the key to your successful future

Release Date: 06-Feb-2019

Here at Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH) we manage approximately 22,000 homes for Kirklees Council.

We employ over 800+ brilliant staff in a wide range of jobs from plumbing to marketing, joinery to human resources.

Every day is different, but our main aim is to improve the lives of people in Kirklees by providing quality homes in successful communities.


We have launched a brand new apprentice scheme that could be the start of an amazing future career for you.

What will I get as an apprentice at KNH and where will it take me?

• You’ll have a real job where you can earn while you learn - at least 20% of your time will be set aside for learning – usually at a college, university or other training provider
• We will give you hands-on experience and a salary
• You’ll get official certification of your skills, equivalent to a qualification ranging from level 2 (GCSE equivalent) up to degree level
• We’ll teach you additional skills including communication & time management
• We’ll help you start a long-term career path with the possibility of higher earning
• We offer a great working environment with really experienced, friendly and helpful staff and mentors
• We provide flexible working options, access to a great pension scheme and good holiday entitlement
• You won’t rack up any student study loan debts & you will be able to learn for the length of your apprenticeship with no tuition fees.

What type of apprenticeships do you offer?

We offer apprentice schemes in a wide range of roles including
• Corporate – Business Support, Human Resources and Organisational Development, Training and Marketing and Communications
• Technical and trade roles - Housing Officers and Assistants, Surveying, Plumbing, Joinery, Electrical and Gas

How much will I get paid?

We offer a competitive salary alongside other benefits. For more details get in touch.
Rates are substantially more than the national apprentice minimum wage (currently £3.70 an hour) which is not only a great news if your leaving school or starting your first job, but is also good for people wanting to change careers or upskill knowing that you may need to take a wage cut.

Our apprenticeships will also help you forge a long term career path which will open up the possibility for higher earnings.

Can I apply for an apprentice scheme? What’s the process?

If you’re over 16, living in England and not in full term education then an apprenticeship could be perfect for you.
Many apprentices are school leavers and young people, but there is no upper age limit. At KNH we have lots of apprentices who are older who are changing careers and retraining.
We have also lots of women who work in trade roles in KNH, so don’t let gender be a barrier.
It’s really important to us that our workforce reflects the diverse communities we serve across Kirklees so we welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds and abilities.

How long would an apprenticeship be and what happens when I complete it?

Apprenticeships are typically for a minimum period of 12 month, however if you are undertaking a trade or higher level apprenticeship this can take up to four or five years.

We have a good record at KNH of retaining our apprentices. When your apprenticeship is drawing to an end you may be eligible for placement on our deployment register. This is a period of supported job search where you can be matched to vacant posts within KNH or assisted in applications for roles with our partners or other organisations.

How do I get further information and how do I apply?

Please email us and we will send you an information pack.