Stay warm and safe this winter

Release Date: 28-Nov-2017
It's going to be very cold over the next few days but these tips will help you stay safe and warm.
Let's hope we won't see this again!

Let's hope we won't see this again!

• Keep warm – wear lots of layers rather than one big jumper, as well as
gloves and a hat when you’re outside.

• Have regular hot drinks – tea, coffee, juices and cup-a-soups will help
you stay warm on the inside.

• Keep your heating on as much as you can – when it’s really cold, it can
be cheaper to keep your heating on all the time but at a slightly lower
temperature than to turn it on high when you start to feel cold.

• Move around as much as you can – sitting in one position for a long time
can make you feel colder.

• Avoid slips and falls – wear shoes or boots with good grips and don’t be
tempted to just pop outside in slippers.

• Be a good neighbour - if you can, keep an eye on others in your area
who may be struggling and let us know if you’re concerned. Call 01484 414886 (M-F, 9-5) or 01484 414888 (out of hours).

Your home also needs looking after in very cold weather

Important: If you go away, leave the heating on but turn down room thermostats to
10 degrees to keep pipes from freezing and turn off your stop tap.

If you go away for a long time, please let us know so we can advise you further.

• Reduce the risk of frozen pipes by occasionally running your taps to make
sure water is flowing. Keeping your home warm will also help.

• Even if you go away, leave the heating on really low twice a day to keep
pipes from freezing.

• If your water stops running, check if your neighbours have the same
problem. If they do, the supply pipes may have frozen.
Contact Yorkshire Water on 0845 124 2424.

• If water pipes freeze inside your home, you can use a hairdryer to help
thaw them out. If the pipes are frozen but there is a trickle of water, turn
your tap on to help the water flow and unfreeze the pipes - but remember
to turn the tap off again.

• If your condensing boiler stops in very cold weather, the overflow pipe may
have frozen - try defrosting it with hot water and remove any ice.

• Make sure you know where your stop tap is. If you have a burst pipe, turn
the stop tap off as soon as possible to limit the damage and call the
repairs call centre as soon as you can.

• Keep your kettle filled so you can still make a hot drink if your water pipes
freeze and keep some bottled water in stock.

There may be times when the weather stops us from reaching everyone. If this happens, we will prioritise the most urgent jobs and arrange to complete any work we cannot carry out as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please call KNH on 01484 414886.

You can report repairs online - just click on the link from our home page.