Make sure you’re covered if the worst happens

Release Date: 04-Dec-2016
The terrible floods across our region last winter devastated thousands of homes and many people have lost everything.
While Kirklees wasn't as badly affected as other areas this time, many of our tenants know too well what it's like to lose anything - whether through flooding, burst pipes, fire or theft- and most do not have insurance.

You may think you cannot afford insurance – but could you afford to replace all of your possessions if the worst happened to you?

Even if the damage is caused by something that was not your fault - such as a burst pipe - KNH isn't responsible for covering the loss, you are.

There are hundreds of products on the market, but KNH runs its own, low cost, home contents insurance scheme arranged through an exclusive deal for our tenants.

It offers excellent value for money, with no excess to pay and affordable weekly payments starting from just 67p for £6000 of cover for your household items (including bikes and computer equipment).

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