Coping with condensation

Release Date: 15-Oct-2015
As the weather starts to turn colder, you may notice that you have more condensation in your home, which can lead to mould if you don’t do anything about it.
Find out how you can reduce condensation in your home

Find out how you can reduce condensation in your home

Condensation forms when water vapour in the air turns to water, especially on cold surfaces like windows and external walls.

As part of our decent homes scheme, we have put in central heating systems and upgraded loft insulation, which help reduce condensation. However, the biggest cause of condensation is people’s lifestyles.

So remember to always:

• Open windows immediately after a bath or shower.
• Dry clothes outside whenever possible.
• Never dry clothes on radiators
• If you use a tumble drier, make sure it is properly vented outside
• Use lids on pans during cooking.
• Don’t let your home get cold.

If you’d like more advice on how to deal with condensation, we are more than happy to speak with you personally or you can watch a short video on our YouTube channel –

Our Energy Unit can also give you advice on fuel and energy saving within your home, please contact the Energy Team on 01484 414886

If you can’t open your windows because you’ve lost the keys, please contact your neighbourhood team.