KNH recognised for excellent customer service

Release Date: 01-Nov-2012
KNH has been recognised for the quality of its customer service with a national accreditation, the Customer Service Excellence standard.
Assessment for the Customer Service Excellence Award is a challenging and ongoing process that tests whether organisations understand their customers’ needs and examines the effectiveness of their service delivery. The government began the award four years ago as a means of improving customer service standards across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

In achieving the award, KNH was recognised for the friendliness of staff at all levels and their commitment to their customers; their understanding of customers’ needs, particularly those needing extra support; and the way KNH works with partners for the benefit of customers.

The assessor also noted several areas where KNH went beyond the standards required, particularly around the way the company involves customers in developing services and engages with them in the wider community. Also noted was the company’s commitment to privacy and the protection of personal details.

Simon Rogers, Chief Executive at KNH, said: “Customer service is at the heart of what we do and staff here have worked hard to achieve high standards despite some major changes over the past 18 months. I am delighted both for our customers and our staff that this has been recognised.

“Meeting the standard is a great achievement but more than that, it gives us a way to measure how we’re doing against the very best customer service organisations in the country. It also helps make sure that we are continually improving what we do in order to meet our customers’ rising expectations and changing needs.”

Cora Carter MBE is chair of the Kirklees Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations and also heads the KNH Board of Directors. She said: “Increasingly, organisations like KNH are having to change the way they work to meet the needs of their customers, in this case, the tenants and residents in Kirklees.

“It’s not enough just to be good at the things they’ve always done. They need to think of new ways of doing things in response to what tenants need and want. This award will encourage KNH to do that and will make sure they stay focused on customer service during all the changes that are taking place in social housing at the moment.”

Cllr Cathy Scott, the cabinet member for investment and housing, said: “This award is testament to the high level of professionalism, dedication and customer care shown by KNH to council tenants in Kirklees,

“As a council, one of our key priorities is to make sure that we’re providing effective and productive services for our residents. In achieving the customer service excellence standard, KNH has shown that they too are working hard to help us achieve our goal.”

KNH is now working with its staff, tenants’ representatives and the council on a plan to improve certain areas of its service. This includes improving how the results of consultation are fed back to customers; improving how performance against key service standards is presented; doing more mystery shopping; and continuing to look at customers’ experiences of services to ensure the company remains focused on their needs.