Calling all KNH tenants!

Release Date: 25-Feb-2010
If you’re a KNH customer, you can expect a call from Kirklees Direct to update your personal details over the next few months.

Please help us to help you

Please help us to help you

The calls will last about five minutes and are being done during office hours, as well as evenings and weekends. They are part of our ‘People First’ project, which aims to make sure we are tailoring our services to meet our customers' needs and wishes.

A big part of the project is to find out more about our customers and establish what those needs and wishes are – for example, if you prefer to be contacted by text message or email, or if you have an illness or disability and need some extra support.

We will also be asking similar questions to those asked in the national Census that will tell us about the type of person that you are. For example, if we find that we have a lot of inexperienced young people in our properties then we will be able to produce more information on how to manage a home. If we find out that we have a large number of disabled tenants then we will be able to think about how we design home improvements to make kitchens and bathrooms accessible to all.

We will also be asking about things that many people may consider private such as their religion/ belief or their sexual orientation. You don’t have to tell us this, but if you do, we will only use the information to make sure our services are being delivered fairly and appropriately. Once we have collected this information you can rest assured that you will not receive further calls from KNH about your religion or sexual orientation.

We will NOT be asking any questions about your finances or bank details. If anyone does ring up claiming to be conducting a People First survey and asks for financial details, then it will be a hoax call and you should report it to us.

If you have any further questions or comments about our People First telephone survey then please contact or call 01484 416466

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