Nuisance couple given tough injunction

Release Date: 19-Mar-2009
Huddersfield couple Calvin Williams, aged 38, and his girlfriend Shani Askew, aged 29, were each issued with an antisocial behaviour injunction this week by a judge at Dewsbury County Court.
The order prohibits the pair from:

• Entering a property on Whitestone Lane, Hillhouse, Huddersfield, as well as a designated area around it
• Harassing, intimidating or pestering any individual within Huddersfield
• Using abusive words or behaviour towards any individual within Huddersfield
• Engaging or threatening to engage in conduct that is capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to any individual in Huddersfield

If either Williams or Askew breach any of the conditions, the injunction also carrries power of arrest.

KNH obtained the injunction after the couple took advantage of a council tenant with severe learning difficulties. Without being invited, Williams and Askew took over the man’s flat and forced him to sleep on the floor while they used his bed. The pair were removed from the property but returned within days.

Williams – whom the judge described as a ‘parasite’ – has a history of taking over council-owned properties and has been removed from several in the past.

The court made the unusual decision to grant the order indefinitely.

If anyone sees either Williams or Askew breaking the conditions of their injunctions, they should notify the police.

Cllr Andrew Marchington, Chair of the Kirklees Safer Stronger Communities Partnership, said: “We want to make sure our residents can live peacefully alongside each other but if that doesn’t happen, the council and its partners won’t hesitate to take appropriate action.”

Paul Buckley, KNH's Director of Neighbourhoods, said “This couple behaved appallingly and I’m glad the judge issued such a strong injunction.

“I hope this shows that we will vigorously pursue those who cause distress and harassment to those who live on our estates. Our Community Protection Team will continue to work with our colleagues in Kirklees Council and West Yorkshire Police to ensure that those who do are dealt with quickly and effectively.”

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