Nuisance neighbour ordered off estate

Release Date: 17-Nov-2009
A young man from Batley who has caused misery for his neighbours has been banned from his family home for two years.

The injunction against 18 year-old Karl Cox of Laurel Grove was issued by Dewsbury County Court on 10 November 2009. Because he had no legal representation at the hearing, Mr Cox was given 72 hours to appeal the injunction but has not done so.

KNH applied for the injunction following an incident in October when Mr Cox threatened and abused passers-by outside his family’s home. The police were called and Mr Cox was arrested for a public order offence but released without charge the following day.

Mr Cox has a history of criminal and antisocial behaviour. He and his mother already have abatement notices from 2008 in relation to their loud arguing which frequently disturbed neighbours.

The injunction, which carries power of arrest, means that Mr Cox must not enter any part of the Wilton estate. If he does, he could end up in prison.

Cllr Shabir Pandor, the Cabinet member responsible for housing, said: “We want to make sure our residents can live peacefully alongside each other but if that doesn’t happen, the council and its partners won’t hesitate to take appropriate action.”

Paul Buckley, KNH's Director of Neighbourhoods, said “I hope this shows that we will quickly and vigorously pursue those who cause distress and harassment to those who live on our estates.

“I’d like to thank everyone from the estate who gave evidence against Mr Cox and who helped us achieve this result. Working together, we can take a stand against antisocial behaviour.”

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