Leasehold Charter

Content owner : Last updated : 05/03/11

  1. We will act at all times as a reasonable and responsible landlord on behalf of Kirklees Council.
  2. We will respect your rights, responsibilities and concerns as a leaseholder and will expect you to respect our rights and responsibilities as your landlord's agent.
  3. We will protect your investment by effective and responsible management of your block. It is the Council's investment as well as yours.
  4. We will keep the property in good repair, following the principles of value for money and good environmental stewardship.
  5. We will deal with any nuisance problems caused by your neighbours and other visitors, and we will expect you, your household or visitors not to cause nuisance to others.
  6. We will provide you with an itemised service charge bill.
  7. We will offer a wide range of payment methods.
  8. We will offer an appointment to all potential leaseholders to discuss the implications of owning a lease.
  9. We will provide a handbook to all new/potential leaseholders.
  10. We will train staff about leasehold management.
  11. We will carry out regular leaseholder satisfaction surveys.
  12. We will listen and respond to your concerns and suggestions about our services.
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