Debt advice for tenants and leasholders

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The KNH Debt Advice Team

KNH is unique in that it has its own in-house Debt Advice Team. Our debt advisors can help you with your financial problems and provide confidential advice on all aspects of debt.

This service is totally free of charge and is available to all council tenants and leaseholders who are experiencing financial problems. We can meet you in your home, in a housing office, or speak on the phone.

How we can help

Our advisers are all members of the Institute of Money Advisors and are trained to a high standard to identify ways of :

  • Maximizing income, including entitlement to benefits
  • Prioritise and negotiate realistic and affordable agreements with creditors
  • Prepare financial documentation and correspondence with creditors
  • Give general advice on everything from basic money management, fuel efficiency, and county court proceedings.

Rent Arrears problems

If you have rent arrears problems and are facing the threat of eviction, contact one of our advisers who will liaise with KNHs Rent Assist team to assist with negotiations.

Benefits Advice

Our trained advisers have detailed knowledge of current national benefits and are familiar with all relevant regulations and legislation. We can also help with claims and calculations for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Working Tax Credit, Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance and Income Support.

Debt Advice

We can help with all elements of debt and our advisers' objectives are to maximize income and minimize outgoings. Although the advisers cannot make all money problems disappear, they work closely with clients and creditors and have a good network of support to ensure that a tailored service is provided to meet the individual needs of that tenant.

So don't let debt rule your life! Don't suffer in silence! Contact our Debt Advice Team today.

Who can I contact?