Estate car parking and garages for rent

Content owner : Last updated : 15/03/16

On road parking is allowed on the majority of our estates providing you comply with your tenancy agreement.

Blocks of flats may have parking bays or car parks specifically for use by the residents of the flats or their visitors. Some of these areas may require a parking permit. Details of how to obtain a parking permit is available in the council's parking permits page.

Some properties may have a hard standing parking space within their boundaries. If your home has the space, but does not currently have a hard standing for a vehicle, you may be able to apply for permission to build one by completing a vehicle hard standing permission form.

You may also need permission from the council's Highways department to lower the pavement to allow access to your property. More details are available on the council's website on the dropped kerbs and pavements page.

Alternatively you may apply to rent a garage: KNH manages a number of garages on its estates on behalf of the council. These garages are available to anyone, but preference is usually given to KNH tenants and disabled people and should be used for vehicles only. (i.e. Use of the premises for business or commercial purposes is not permitted).

To apply for a garage, please contact your neighbourhood housing office.

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