Retirement living homes

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What is retirement housing?

KNH manages 19 retirement living housing schemes throughout Kirklees.

These properties are owned by the Council and provide individual and communal accommodation to people over the age of 60.

Facilities, activities and accommodation vary from scheme to scheme but they usually provide:

  • Your own home and privacy with different types of accommodation
  • A communal lounge, kitchen and function rooms
  • A local community of tenants
  • 24 hour emergency call-out through the Care Phone Home Safety service - there may be a small charge for this service
  • Security through electronic access systems and CCTV in some schemes
  • Social activities such as lunch clubs, Nintendo Wii, gardening clubs, allotments, bowling, trips out, arm chair exercises and games nights. These could take place in the complex or be provided by other community organisations within the scheme
  • Accommodation which meets health, safety and fire regulations
  • A scheme co-ordinator who is responsible for the management of the scheme and carries out regular security, health and safety checks
  • Individual help and support from a scheme co-ordinator for people who need it.
  • Separate sleeping en-suite facilities for visiting friends and family (a small charge).

Who is retirement housing suitable for?

Anyone over the age of 60 who enjoys their own independence but would like peace of mind about their health, safety and security.

It is also ideal for those who would like the chance to get together with others, when they feel like it.

Customers’ Views

Beryl Croft moved into Denham Court in April 2008 after experiencing antisocial behaviour in her home in Dewsbury. According to Beryl "it has been the best move she has made; despite thinking retirement living was not for her".

It has been a new lease of life for her and she is now extremely social joining in activities like gardening, dancing and arm chair exercises but also enjoys her personal space where she can spend time on her own. "Denham Court has a real family atmosphere and we all look after each other. I feel safe and well supported by tenants and Melanie Goodall the Scheme coordinator"

To talk to someone about these services for yourself, or for a friend or relative, please contact Older people's support services and retirement housing

Is there a charge?

Everyone living in retirement living accommodation must pay a weekly service charge as well as a weekly rent charge.

What does the service charge cover?

The charge covers:

  • Some of the staffing costs for those who work in the retirement living housing service, including the scheme co-ordinators
  • Cost for security and access systems within the schemes.

How do I find out more about these services?

Where are the schemes located?

For more information see finding your local retirement living home