Your tenancy agreement - Flats

Content owner : Last updated : 28/11/14

  1. You must not allow any shared area (including any stairway, passageway, corridor, lift, drive, path, lane or road) to be obstructed at any time. You must not allow any shared area to be used in a way which may cause a nuisance.
  2. You must share responsibility with your neighbours for cleaning any shared corridors, stairs, landings or entrance halls.
  3. You must not store anything in any shared area without our permission, in writing.
  4. If you live in a flat, bed-sit or maisonette, you must only allow people to enter or leave your home through the doors and make sure they use any door-entry system or security system properly. You must not prop fire doors and security doors open.
  5. If there are rubbish chutes in flat, bed-sit or maisonette blocks, you must only use them for small amounts of rubbish. You should put large items of rubbish in the special area provided, in a suitable plastic sack or container.
  6. If there are shared parking facilities for residents and their visitors, you must not park any untaxed or unroadworthy vehicle, or any lorry or large commercial vehicle, caravan, boat or trailer, in any of the parking spaces unless you obtain our permission, in writing.
  7. You must not use bottled gas or paraffin heaters if you live in a block of flats, bed-sits, or maisonettes with three or more storeys.
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